I am inspired by the resilience of the human spirit,
how you can lose everything and still go on.

I am inspired by the blind optimism of the human spirit
Those times at nadir when you can still see a cloud that speaks to you

I am inspired by the authoritative human spirit
Which can be so cruel while feeling justified and righteous

My current series is titled: a tolerable balance of intolerable things. Suffering, poverty and cruelty to one another exist, always have, and perhaps always will. Faced with this we still find time to hug our children, love our pets, mow the lawn. We make it work, until it doesn’t any longer. Except for two missteps, I could be, we all could be, caught up in the downward spiral that has overtaken much of the homeless population.  In the Bay area, this population grew by 40% in the last two years, most of whom are living in temporary shelters. All the while, home prices have soared to almost unattainable heights. The work I find most important and fulfilling draws from and communicates aspects of this social injustice and inequity and the underlying factors.

This work is created using a historic photographic process called gum bichromate. I have altered this process by using a traditionally gessoed panel as the substrate, painting on photographic emulsion. This gives me freedom to explore meaning through texture drips and other surface effects. The photographic emulsion utilizes watercolor and powdered pigment along with the light sensitive potassium dichromate and gum arabic. Full size negatives are sandwiched between the emulsion, coated panel and plexiglass, then contact printed using a UV light source. The panel is then washed and dried. This process is repeated for different colors and pigment densities. There are usually around 10-20 individual layers. I am taking an early photographic process and updating it to communicate the needs of our time.