My current body of work: Temporary Shelter, addresses some of the causes and effects that weigh on our community, society and conscience. It tackles materialism from the point of view of the consumer who cannot satiate the craving for more and more goods. Unchecked material desire leaves the door open for fear, conflict and unending war. Racism, poverty, social injustice and homelessness commingle creating a humanitarian crisis. I feel compelled to look for ways in which my actions can influence a positive change. In the homeless encampments of the Bay Area, I find more than sociopolitical travesty.  There is the full spectrum of life, however, with the caveat, that it is a straight up fight for survival, as well as, freedom from the statutes of convention. 

     Currently, I am using a historic photographic process called gum bichromate, after the materials used. I use layers of gum arabic and potassium dichromate, along with watercolor pigment, to create the image. The process was first used in 1858. Two years later the civil war started. While the technology of photography has progressed, our society’s social equality has not.