In the heart of the midwest, small town Wisconsin, where nature was an everyday companion, my journey as an artist began. Surrounded by lakes and forests, my childhood was filled with fishing, canoeing, and hikes that unveiled the beauty of our planet. However, even in those idyllic surroundings, the effects of acid rain and river contamination could be seen.  The shadows of air and water pollution loomed foreshadowing a growing concern for our environment.
Over the years, I witnessed the relentless rise of plastic water bottles and single-use plastics, an ominous tide that threatens the very landscapes I cherish. For more than two decades, my artistic practice has been the intersection of nature and humanity's impact on it. But it was a transformative moment, while hiking through the desert, that a single plastic water bottle, ensnared in a bush, revealed a stark truth. In its peculiar position, it resembled the crown of a flower—a flower of the Anthropocene, a term denoting our epoch, where human activity shapes the very climate we inhabit.
This encounter ignited my artistic exploration into the haunting relationship between the sun, our plastic consumption, and the fragile balance of our planet. I employ a cameraless process that harnesses the sun's fierce energy to imprint images onto black-and-white darkroom paper, an allegory for the sun's role in Earth's warming. It is a symbolic reminder that it is our actions, rather than the sun itself, that disrupt the delicate equilibrium of our protective atmosphere.
By choosing these objects for the photograms, single-use plastic products found littering our streets and landscapes—sports drink bottles, water bottles, and ubiquitous plastic shopping bags—I speak of the convenience-driven culture we've cultivated. These symbols of disposability are juxtaposed with the enduring beauty of art, forming a dichotomy that invites contemplation.
The allure of my work lies in its aesthetic appeal, drawing viewers in with its striking colors. Yet beneath its surface beauty lies a potent message, one that speaks of a future teetering on the brink of extinction unless we alter our course. I aspire to awaken in my audience a profound connection between the sun's energy, our actions including our obsessive plastic use, and the looming climate crisis.
In an era inundated with news, where climate change deniers persist, art serves as a different kind of messenger—a vessel of emotion and contemplation. It lingers in the soul, transcending fleeting headlines. My hope is that my artwork becomes a silent companion, a lingering reminder that prompts introspection about our actions and their impact on the environment.
Ultimately, I seek to illuminate the hidden reality that every piece of plastic we encounter originates from fossil fuels, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its lifecycle. Through my art, I implore viewers to recognize their individual and collective roles in the urgent dialogue surrounding environmental change. As we journey together through the Anthropocene, may this hybrid flower of our times inspire mindfulness and transformation in our relationship with the Earth.

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